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The first and only single application for global VAT & GST

VATCalc is the first and only single application for global VAT determination, invoicing and returns. This ensures full data integrity across accounting, billing and tax reporting processes, minimising tax risks and costly manual management. And most excitingly, it is the only global VAT tech built on national tax laws meaning it is ready out-of-the box with no lengthy, expensive implementations or ongoing external support.

VATCalc provides four core products on a single platform:

VAT Advisor

An online tool where you can create individual complex, cross-border transactions to understand their VAT treatment, produce a VAT invoices and check VAT box return reporting

VAT Auditor

A batch transaction checker which verifies the VAT treatment booking in ERPs, billing or ecommerce systems, as well as providing a high-value feedback service on possible errors and corrections

VAT Calculator

Full VAT determination on transactions in real-time or batch including rates, VAT registration obligations, legal citations, invoice messaging, VAT code and VAT return box mapping. Connects seamlessly to your ERP, CRM or e-commerce platforms and integrates directly with VAT Filer for a single end-to-end VAT compliance platform

VAT Filer

Captures all the transactions already submitted from the VAT Calc services, plus accepts data from any other source, to produce ready-to-file VAT returns and supplementary filings.

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VAT software to help ensure accurate and live automation of your VAT

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VATScript – putting the tax expert in control

VATCalc is built on our proprietary VAT Script, a programming language for tax experts. As a ‘low-code’ development tool, VAT Script empowers tax experts to write, implement, check and update global VAT rules within their instance of VATCalc. There is no requirement for time consuming and costly technical support.

In a single action across all our VAT tools, they can take control over the core tax engine concepts of:


Place of supply rules

Mapping of transactions to VAT return boxes

Users can choose from our standard engine-defined global VAT rules, or use VAT Script to easily modify for their business models and interpretations of local taxing options. This reduces costly and uncertain development processes with the traditional analyst, coder and ticket process.

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