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VAT Advisor

Accurate live VAT calculations and compliant invoices online to answer all your questions on any complex VAT transaction

Who holds the liabilities? How much VAT is due and where? Should you be VAT registered? What legislative articles are the answers based on?  What detail to include to ensure compliant sales and purchase VAT invoices (download a compliant invoice to share)? Which boxes and countries to report transactions in VAT returns? Just sign-up, login in online and go!

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Our online VAT Advisor provides you with live answers on the VAT treatment of cross-border transactions for a huge array of business: B2C; B2B; goods; traditional and digital services

VAT Advisor is fully configured for all the latest and future scheduled changes scheduled – from 2021 EU marketplace reforms to inflation VAT cuts. And it now includes several generative AI tools to produce draft tax advice.

VAT Advisor is a simple-to-use but hugely powerful online tool that allows you to input some basic transaction details – goods, values, shipping, transaction type, shipping details etc – to produce a clear VAT liability position for the seller and buyer. Outputs include legal citations (local laws and EU VAT Directive), and which boxes to fill on local VAT returns and supplementary filings. Since VAT Advisor is one the same single platform as our VAT Filer product,  you can ‘commit’ it to be included in your approved transaction database for automatic inclusion in the right boxes in the right countries’ VAT returns.  No further integrations required!

Create VAT compliant PDF invoices for your colleagues, customers or suppliers which can be shared within the application to discuss and resolve. This includes a QR Code to ensure you are compliant with the rapid adoption by countries around the world.

If you want to share the correct VAT treatment with colleagues or outside counterparts, you can ‘click’ to create a compliant PDF invoice. You can share this with them within the VAT Calc application (just input their email for them to gain access). Or download the invoice and email in the regular way.

Why use VAT Advisor?

Live answers to the most complex international VAT transactions, meaning you can focus on keeping your core business and billing on track

Includes references to underlying legislation, whether local or EU Directive-based, including member state derogations

Cloud-based so no fiddly implementations, and always up to date

Easy-to-follow and share readouts of results, including pro-forma VAT invoices, to back up your tax position with internal stakeholders or customers and suppliers to help them get their VAT right.

Company-wide and individual logins, enabling standard transaction template-setting to help ensure consistent and clear application for recurring transactions

Who will benefit from VAT Advisor’s instant VAT liabilitiy diagnostics:

In-house tax or finance professionals to ensure sales or purchase invoices are accurate. VAT Advisor provides legislative references to support each VAT calculation and help drive compliance within companies, subsidiaries and suppliers. This helps avoid overpayment or lost credits.

Tax or accountancy practice firms looking to help their clients with complex questions and advice on their transactions. Aside from ensuring you can provide your client with a speedy response, it removes reliance on expensive foreign advisors.

Marketplace tax teams facing complex new rules under EU, UK, Australian and many other jurisdictions’ new liability rules.

Shared service centres and Accounts Payable / Receivable teams seeking to validate tax calculations on invoices. VAT Advisor is especially helpful for foreign-located teams without ready access to local tax expertise.

Goods shippers – whether B2B or B2C – trying to understand their VAT obligations following the UK’s exit from the EU VAT regime on 31 December 2020

Testers of point-of-sale, ecommerce or ERP VAT systems, which often lack the deep content and legal references needed to avoid inaccuracies

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