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VAT Calculator

Instant and accurate cloud-based VAT / GST calculations

Real-time VAT / GST determination for the most complex cross-border transactions for any platform from our full tax engine. And it is build on the same single application as our VAT Filer product, so automated reporting in the right boxes in the right countries’ returns. No further  expensive integrations or time-consuming reconciliations.

Through our Data Insight Tools –  in-app business intelligence products – it can monitor KPIs, identify risk and deliver data insight from data captured by VAT Calculator.  In addition, external tools, such as Power BI and Tableau, can be simply integrated should you wish to deploy your preferred solution.

Live VAT / GST determination

VAT Calculator scales with your needs to ensure complete accuracy in determining VAT via our simple API integrations into your shopping cart, ERP, ecommerce platform, invoicing system or any other application. This ensures your tax is correct, customers are happy and your tax obligations are met.

Out real-time or batch VAT Calculator product provides accurate and efficient recording of VAT liabilities and deductions on domestic or cross-border transactions. It offers easy integration with any platform. You can choose to undertake your own goods or services mapping process or use pre-mapped HS commodity / TARIC and CPA codes.  VAT Calculator can incorporate any preferred exchange rate data you choose. VAT Calculator covers all the COVID-19 tax changes, , as well as the 2021 UK and EU marketplace ecommerce reforms.

All of these rules are easily tailored to your business model requirements by you via our tax programming language, VAT Script. That means no dependancy on ERP teams or costly outside consultants. And there is full transparency  across internal teams between global staff and dispersed national accounts staff.

The right tax treatment for your transactions can be used across multiple applications: VAT Filings (returns); Intrastat; Control Statements; e-invoicing or live reporting; export and import declarations; sales and purchase ledgers.

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Why chose our VAT Calculator service?

REST API fast feeds, enabling instant calculations and replies to your platforms. You can also use HTTP, FTP and other data exchange formats.

Dynamic and instant calculations which can support real time invoices, including e-invoices, checkouts and live quoting systems.

Can apply your tax coding assumptions with simple low-code mapping in our proprietary VATScript programming language, or use in-built coding

Hugely scalable, built on Amazon Web Services, meaning calculation capabilities can meet your needs without interruption or need for latency planning, irrespective of transaction volumes or daily peaks.

Major costs savings and impressive return-on-investment based on:

single VAT platform;

ease of integration;

full transparency of VAT transactions with quick interactive and integration capabilities;

outsourcing tax policy and rules treatment efforts and tracking costs; and

reducing risk of costly errors.

Simple configuration for your business model and platforms, avoiding lengthy and expensive implementation projects. This is based on standard data formatting and reconciliations.

Real-time updates giving you the ability to respond to business or economic changes, ensuring more accurate calculations in live environments.

Uniquely constructed on local country legislative rules, including the EU VAT Directive and member states’ derogations. Calculations provide references to supporting legal articles to help resolve disputes and explain tax treatments.

Based on the same platform and data warehouse as our VAT Filer solution, meaning simple and seamless flow of transactions through to compliant returns in any country. This allows full integration of your VAT calculation and reporting process, including clear mapping reporting of transactions through to VAT return boxes. This limits the effort and complexity of managing data across multiple platforms, reducing the risk of errors, audits and fines.

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VAT automation products that simplify your international VAT determination, invoicing and reporting

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