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July 2024 VAT news

VAT TV - latest of VAT in the Digital Age and 2025 SME Special Scheme changes

June 2024 VAT news

April 2024 VAT news

March 2024 VAT news

February 2024 VAT news

January 2024 VAT news

December 2023 VAT news

November 2023 VAT news

October 2023 VAT news

September 2023 VAT news

August 2023 VAT news

July 2023 VAT news

June 2023 VAT news

May 2023 VAT news

EU VAT in the Digital Age - which measures to survive?

April VAT news

March VAT news

Complex chain transactions with Gorka Echevarria

Feb VAT news

VAT in the Digital Age unpacked

Proliferation of VAT & GST to 174 countries in 79 years

Import VAT - instant onscreen calculations, legal citations and VAT return boxes with VAT Advisor

Dec 2022 VAT news

Nov 2022 VAT TV

October 2022 VAT TV

VAT deductibility - automating to plug cash leaks

Sept 2022 VAT TV

Aug 2022 VAT TV

July 2022 VAT TV

June 2022 VAT & GST news

VAT in the Digital Age update

May 2022 news

April 2022 news

Alfredo Espada, VAT tech expert, talks to VAT TV

March 2022 Global News

EU Digital Reporting Requirements

EU Single VAT Registration

Feb 2022 VAT & GST news

15 Jan 2022 VAT UK-EU divergence after Brexit

15 Jan 2022 Brexit UK-EU Customs divergence

5 Jan: 10 trends that will shape VAT & GST

18 Dec 2021 global news


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