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2024 VAT country guides

VAT and GST compliance and reporting country guides

Our country VAT and GST country guides provide the key compliance and reporting obligation information for the countries below. This includes: rates; time of supply rules; registration obligations; invoice requirements; compliance rules; VAT returns, other filings and live or e-invoicing.


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This is based on the country coverage in our VAT Advisor, VAT Auditor, tax engine and VAT Filer products, which all come on a single application for instant implementations. Contact us for more details.

Ending the tyranny of tax engine implementations

VAT Calc makes tax engine & VAT reporting implementations fast and inexpensive
1. Accurate calculations based on global tax laws We have codified all national tax laws, EU VAT Directives and OECD guidance so are ready instantly for any transaction. This means no need for months or years of writing, coding and testing extensive manual use cases and custom rules, which then need long-term support and costs. VAT Calculator is instantly ready for: goods or services; e-commerce; complex supply chains inc. triangulation; digital; financial services; gig & sharing economy taxes; and more
And since these laws and implementing regs constantly change, we keep them live updated so you have no tax research or custom rule updates to worry about.
2. Flexible mapping and rapid easy integration Integration uses industry standard RESTful APIs, with detailed documentation and tools available on the VATCalc Developer Hub to help customers and partner quickly and easily integrate their systems with VAT Calculator. Mapping entities and tax codes is fast and easy too with the use of simple modern graphical tools.
3. Cloud, API-first technology VAT Calculator is built on micro services, in an API-first cloud environment. That means it scales securely and instantly to handle any sized data loads. And it can be embedded or white labelled within other applications such as ERPs, marketplaces and billing systems.
4. Single calculation and returns application VAT Calculator can be used to determine tax on its own or customers can choose to save the results to VAT Filer, which instantly produces the returns, listings and electronic filings and provides the capabilities needed to easily manage VAT compliance around the world.
5. Deep VAT data insights All saved transactions are also available in VATCalc’s Insights data warehouse for further analysis that allows customers to look at transactions in the context of all their other transactions. Analysis such as identifying trends and highlighting opportunities for VAT optimisation and cash flow savings


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