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EU and UK VAT Number Checker

Single or batch VAT number validation tool for EU VIES or UK. Manual or automated live check to national databases with return of validation code. On screen, Excel, CSV or JSON outputs

To ensure you get the cross-border VAT correct on sales invoices or are entitled to full deductions on your input VAT, checking your counterparty’s VAT number is vital. It is often required by tax authorities, as seen by the EU’s 2020 Quick Fixes VAT reforms, to avoid disputed invoices, audits and potential fines.

VAT Number Checker is a further product on our single global VAT application, which includes VAT Calculator, VAT Filer and VAT Advisor. You can subscribe separately on in conjunction with these other products.

Instant manual or automated EU and UK VAT number bulk validation

With our VAT Number Checker, you can copy & paste or batch upload customer or supplier VAT numbers to be checked in real-time with the EU’s VIES (VAT information Exchange System), UK and other national tax authorities’ databases.  This gives instant verifications, notices of fails as well as alerts and reminders if national services are down.

Results on each uploaded VAT number include:

  •  ‘Valid or ‘Fail’ messages on the validity of the submitted VAT numbers
  • Database source (EU VIES; EU member state; UK HMRC etc)
  • Name and address linked to submitted VAT number
  • Validation date
  • Proof of validation with unique ID returned by the databases which you may retain as proof

A regular challenge for VAT number checking is country databases frequently go offline. VAT Number Checker will notify you of this, and set a reminder for when the database goes live again.

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Why chose VAT Number Checker

Easy-to-use live check on counterparties’ VAT numbers as often mandated by VAT authorities

Option for automated API call, with regular set calls. This leaves your VAT / finance teams free to focus on other, more valuable VAT compliance others.

Live link to EU’s VIES, UK HMRC and similar databases to ensure numbers are verified by local tax authorities’ databases

No costly integration required: browser interface with simple cut-and-past of bulk VAT numbers for validation

Comes as stand-alone service or on same platform as our returns (VAT Filer) and determination (VAT Auditor and Calculator) products for seamless checking of numbers for full compliance requirements

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