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Croatia Euro currency 2023 – VAT and Intrastat thresholds

20th country to adopt the European Union currency; new VAT thresholds

Croatia became the 20th country to adopt the Euro currency on 1 January 2023. It replaced the kuna (HRK), which came into circulation in 1994 following the break-up of Yugoslavia.

The official exchange rate for 1 January 2023 between the kuna for Euro is 7.53450 HRK. It was mandatory for retail or B2C transactions to show the Euro and HRK prices between September 2022 and December 2023 in order to prevent inflationary profiteering.

Croatia Euro VAT registration threshold

Key VAT thresholds – to be confirmed – from January 2023 include:

  • VAT registration threshold for resident companies: €39,816.84
  • Annual sales threshold for monthly VAT return reporting: €106,178.25k
  • Intrastat arrivals: €400,000
  • Intrastat dispatches: €200,000
  • EU OSS: €10,000
  • Threshold for cash accounting: €2 million
  • Intra-community acquisitions threshold €10,000
  • EU VAT refunds minimums: €50 annual; €400 quarterly

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