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Cyprus raises Intrastat threshold 2023

Hikes in intra-community goods arrivals reporting 1 January 2023

Cyprus has increased the annual thresholds for Intrastat arrivals reporting. This is the monthly declarations of goods’ movements across EU member state internal borders. This is only required of businesses that exceed the ‘dispatches’ (‘exports’ to another EU state) and / or arrivals (‘imports’ of goods from other EU states).

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The new thresholds are as follows:

  • Arrivals: will increase from €230,000 to €270,000
  • Detailed reporting for arrivals: €2.7 million unchanged
  • Dispatches: will increase from €75,000 unchanged
  • Detailed reporting for dispatches: €5.8 million unchanged

Intrastat basic information includes:

  • the identification number allocated to the party responsible for providing information;
  • the reference period;
  • the flow (arrival, dispatch);
  • the commodity;
  • the value of the goods;
  • the quantity of the goods;
  • the partner Member State;
  • the nature of the transaction.


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