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2023 global VAT & GST rates

304 countries, states, provinces and dependancies VAT, GST and sales tax rates

VATCalc‘s searchable database provides the most comprehensive free source of global VAT, GST and sales tax rates. The is maintained live by our tax content experts, and supports our disruptive single-platform tax engine and returns / e-invoicing application.

1 January 2023 sees Suriname, Guinea-Bissau and Palau join the VAT & GST family as they replaced their turnover taxes. Which make 174 countries to have implemented VAT or GST.

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VAT, GST & sales tax rates

wdt_ID Country Region Rate Rate type Description
4 Albania Europe 20% Standard Rate
5 Albania Europe 6% Reduced Rate Accommodation; electrical vehicles; books
6 Albania Europe 0% Zero-rated Exports; international transport; and other
7 Albania Europe 0% Exempt Financial services; health; postal; various agriculture; education; gambling; land / buildings
8 Algeria Africa 19% Standard Rate
9 Algeria Africa 9% Reduced Rate Agriculture; basic manufacturing goods; digital services; domestic gas; tourism services
10 Algeria Africa 0% Zero-rated Exports
11 Algeria Africa 0% Exempt Certain exporters; Construction; micro-businesses; certain financial services; break and milk; books and journals; and other
12 American Samoa Asia - No VAT
13 Andorra Europe 9.50% Higher rate Financial services
Country Region


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