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End the global VAT headache: live calc, tax law citations and compliant invoices from VAT Advisor

VAT Advisor ends the pain for complex cross-border transactions

If you are selling cross-border goods or services – traditional or digital – you’ve got international VAT / GST questions:

  • Who should pay how much tax, and in which country?
  • What tax laws, EU VAT Directive or other global rules should you check?
  • What if you’re doing something tricky like: simplified triangulation; partial exemptions; fixed establishment; customs procedures and warehousing; ‘may provisions’; or more?
  • Do you have an unusual business model, or have some tax office settlement that needs incorporating into the calculation?
  • What should you include on the invoice? Should you make legal references? And now QR Codes and e-invoices to worry about!
  • Do you need to show in clear and defensible way to your customers, suppliers or inquisitive tax authorities what the right tax treatment is?
  • In which VAT returns and boxes should you declare the tax?

Low-cost, live VAT / GST calculations, legal back-up and compliant invoices

Our VAT Advisor has all the answers. A simple online tool that takes you dynamically through a few details of any complex transaction, and instantly returns:

  • VAT calculations using correct rates for the supply
  • who has to collect and declare the VAT,  and in which country
  • tax law  citations. This includes correct invoice mentioning.
  • PDF compliant invoice to share within the application with customers, suppliers or the tax office to confirm the right tax treatment. And, QR Code stamp added so you are compliant in countries like Portugal, Greece, India and then many more as governments upgrade to e-invoicing.
  • Details of which VAT return boxes should be completed with the transaction amounts.

VAT Advisor uses the same tax engine application, covering tax legislation from scores of countries, as our single platformed  VAT Calculator and VAT Filer products.

How VAT Advisor gives you instant answers to global VAT headaches

Need instant VAT / GST calculations, legal reference back-up and compliant invoices for complex cross-border transactions?
- Which is the right country to tax the transaction?
- How much VAT should be charged – based on the correct rate - and by whom?
- Does this change for ‘may’ provisions, triangulation, warehousing, withholding VAT and other country variations?
- Should you VAT register to declare and pay the VAT / GST?
- What local tax laws or regional VAT union rules back these conclusions?
- What should your sales or your supplier’s invoice include to avoid lost tax?
- Which VAT return boxes and filings should the transaction be reported in?
How our ready-to-go application, VAT Advisor, solves this:
Live answers based on basic details to the most complex international VAT transactions:
- Where and how much VAT to charge - transparent numbers to share
- Is the supplier or customer responsible, and do they have to VAT register
- Fully compliant VAT invoice to share within Advisor application to agree treatment, including QR Code to meet global requirements
- Details of VAT return box numbers to report the sale and/or purchase
- Domestic and EU VAT Directive legislative references to support with colleagues, customers, suppliers or tax authorities
Company-wide and individual logins, enabling standard transaction template-setting to help ensure consistent and clear application for recurring transactions. You can even forward invoices to customers / suppliers for them to review and approve with their own login.
Since VAT Advisor is part of our single-platform VAT calculation and reporting application, VAT Calc, you can click ‘COMMIT’, and the transaction will be included in your next VAT return without further effort or reconciliation



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