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VAT TV – Complex chain transactions with Gorka Echevarria

Watch deep dive on VAT complexities of chain supplies

In this latest episode of VAT TV, Gorka Echevarría, Global VAT Leader at Lexmark, takes a deep dive into the complexities of chain transactions, including: cross-border; allocating the zero-rating; triangulation; imports; and more.

He challenges our own Richard Asquith to mirror five use cases in our VAT Advisor tool, to determine VAT obligations and returns reporting for each example. See if Richard crumples.

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5 complex chain transaction use cases

Gorka’s cases that Richard takes up the gauntlet on include:

  1. 3-party cross-border transaction with triangulation
  2. Transferring the transport to the second leg of a supply
  3. Four-party chain supply
  4. Reassigning the transport in a four-party transaction
  5. Import with subsequent cross-border chain supply


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