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Greece to cut VAT gap with MyDATA e-invoicing, pre-filled VAT returns  

Finance Ministry targets extra €2 billion VAT collections from digitalisation of reporting

The Greek Finance Ministry is aiming to improve on the nearly 20% VAT gap losses in tax revenues from a range of measures. Greece is looking to emulate the success of Poland and Portugal’s digital reporting strategies, including e-invoicing and SAF-T transaction reporting. Some of these measures are already in-flight, which has helped bring the forecast gap down to 15% today, and 9% in the next few years.

Based on the EC latest data, Greece was among the four EU member-states with the best performance in reducing VAT gap, after Hungary, Germany and the Netherlands.

The measures include

EU Digital Reporting Requirements

The ongoing EU VAT in the Digital Age proposals includes a strand around harmonised Digital Reporting Requirements (DRR) and Continuous Transaction Control (CTC) across the member states.


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