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Hungary VAT marketplace DAC 7 for Jan 2023

EU harmonised marketplace transaction reporting requirements and data sharing

Hungary has implemented the legislation for Directive on Administration Cooperation (DAC 7) from 1 January 2023. The first reports by digital platforms will therefore will be due in 2024. The EU-wide agreement on the exchange of harmonised data requests from marketplaces of their third-party merchants was agreed to the EU Council in May 2021.

Directive on Administration Cooperation 7 standardises data requests and sharing

DAC agreements aim to smooth the electronic exchange of data between EU member states in the furtherance of EU laws.

The aims of DAC 7 amendments to the EU VAT Directive (2011 Directive 2011/16/EU( administrative agreement include:

  • Identifying online merchants not properly declaring and paying VAT
  • Providing for a consistent and efficient set of requirements for marketplaces to avoid they having not manage different requests and duplicate questions
  • Legal ability for tax authorities to work together on joint audits on seller activities from 1 January 2024


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