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Israel VAT filing and payment extension

The Israel tax authority has granted an extension of VAT filings in September.

Postponed July and August reporting

Israeli VAT returns are filed bi-monthly if the annual turnover does not exceed NIS 1.51million (approx €400,000 or $470,00). Otherwise it is monthly filings. The bi-monthly July and August 2021 return and remittance is now delayed until 5 October 2021. This is instead of the 15 September 2021.  Monthly August filings are also delayed to 5 October.

The delays are in recognition of the September Tishrei holiday program.

Compiling Israeli VAT other global indirect tax returns is complex, time consuming and fraught with tax liability risks.  VAT Calc’s single platform VAT Filer can accurately complete any country filings with verified transactional data from our VAT Calculator or VAT Auditor integrated tools.


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