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Italy pre-completed VAT returns Sept 2021

Pre-filled VAT returns for quarter 3, 2021

Building on the success of its Sistema di Interscambio (SdI) e-invoice program, Italy has launched for over two million quarterly-filing resident taxpayers an optional pre-filled VAT returns service.  This enables taxpayers to review, modify and approve their VAT returns via a Agenzia Delle Entrate portal. This includes online transaction ledgers / registers for review based on SdI submissions. The system also allows you to extract the draft ledgers in xml format and import them into most accounting applications or use them for a comparison with the data in other registers.

Note: this is an optional facility; taxpayers may continue to file quarterly returns as normal through 2022 at least.

Access from the Invoices and Payments Portal

They will be available for all taxpayers, including monthly filers, for the the 2022 Annual Return, due in 2023.

SdI collects real-time sales invoice information which enables the Italian tax authorities, Agenzia delle Entrate with sufficient information to estimate the domestic VAT liabilities for vendors and deductions of their customers. Taxpayers will be granted a period to review and appeal their VAT liabilities and deductions prior to final confirmation.

Hungary draft VAT returns and Spanish SII pre-completed returns are now launched, too.

Italian Sdi e-invoice

SdI e-invoicing was introduced in January 2019 as the first pre-clearance e-invoicing regime in Europe. It replicated many of the features of the South American models, requiring resident businesses to submit XML format invoices (FatturaPA). The invoice is then electronically verified by the tax office in real-time, and passed to the customer if it is found to be valid. Only at this point does the invoice become a valid VAT invoice.

You can check the right VAT calculations on Italian e-invoices for individual or batch transactions with our Advisor and Auditor services.

The Italian tax authorities, Agenzia delle Entrate, will create VAT ledgers and draft quarterly VAT returns, till to encompass also annual return, for Italian resident entities only. Particularly, for the preparation of these Vat reports, the Agency will be allow to use transactions and data processed through the SdI e-invoicing system, communications of cross-border transactions and daily online cash till reports and also the fiscal data present in the “Anagrafe Tributiaria” or tax register , such as, for example, those of the VAT return of the previous year and of the communications of the periodic payments of the previous quarters. However, businesses will be able to review and amend the fiscal returns before approval.

Non-resident business with an Italian VAT registration continue to compile their own VAT submission.

VAT Calc helps all businesses because it's built on tax laws

National tax laws, EU VAT Directive or global OECD guidance built-in
All Rates; standard, reduced, zero and exempt
Tax Point - Determination of when the VAT becomes chargeable
Deductibility - Calculation of how much input VAT can be deducted on taxable purchases
VAT groups
B2B Goods Full cross-border determination on movement of goods, including imports, exports and intra-community acquisitions and dispatches
Goods imported into, intended for or supplied whilst in customs procedures or VAT warehousing arrangements
Reverse charges for non-established persons and for risky goods and services
EU Triangulation
Call-off and consignment
Supply of goods with installation
Movement of own goods
Brexit complexity for transactions between NI and the EU and NI and GB
B2C Goods Low value goods thresholds
VAT registration thresholds
EU OSS and IOSS returns
EU and others’ marketplace deemed supplier treatment
EU and non-EU distance selling rules 
Services General rules for B2B and B2C 
Supplies connected with immovable property
Supplies by intermediaries
Use and enjoyment
All other exceptions to general rules
Digital Services EU OSS for digital services
Local country simplified VAT returns
Financial Services Partial exemption rules


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