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VAT e-invoicing

Full legislation audited live e-invoicing
Built on same application as our VAT Filer, ensuring sales & purchase e-invoices are fully reconciled to returns

As global tax authorities roll out e-invoicing mandates, businesses have been adopting traditional e-invoicing solutions. But, they are fast realising this leaves them exposed on VAT returns with blocked sales invoices or loss of right to deduct on purchase invoices.

VATCalc’s VAT e-invoicing is the only solution that not only creates, delivers or accepts e-invoices, but also live audits them against national tax legislation.  Thus avoiding errors, risking distracting and costly tax audits. And, since it is built within the same application as our VAT Filer, your sales and purchase e-invoices are fully reconciled to filed VAT returns to avoid triggering tax authorities’ investigations.

VAT e-Invoicing – your e-invoices fully audited and reconciled to filed returns

Our VAT e-invoicing goes beyond mere invoice transport, providing an end-to-end automation process. Customers make a single API call to the service that addresses all the VAT obligations in real-time. Whatever the network or country format: Peppol; DBNA; SdI; ChorusPro; KSef; and more global e-invoicing mandates.

This means full tax validation on e-invoicing: enriching sales invoices with obligatory VAT invoice messaging; and purchase invoices with tax codes for automated posting. This is performed by our full national legislation VAT Auditor product, on the same app as VAT e-invoicing and Filer, again meaning seamless real-time integration.

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For your sales e-invoices it includes complete consideration for output VAT requirements

Highly accurate legislation-based determination of the VAT

Where there is no choice but to use legacy VAT determination processes, highly accurate legislation-based validation of the VAT

Automated attribution of the required VAT attributes for the transaction for each mandate Issuing of the VAT invoice via the necessary network (Peppol or DBNA) or country mandate

Determination of whether the VAT invoice needs to be sent via a method defined in the taxable country’s mandate

For your purchase e-invoices it includes complete consideration for input VAT requirements:

Validation of the vendor charged VAT so that companies can identify VAT incorrectly applied by their vendors and deduct their input VAT with confidence

Tax code attribution to enable automatic posting with no need for inaccurate human intervention to add tax codes to inbound invoices before they can be posted and included on filings

Digital and traditional returns and listings are built up at the same time the invoices are determined and received, including the correct determination of input VAT deductibility, so that customers can reclaim the VAT they are due and there is no risk of filings not reconciling with VAT e-invoices

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