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Romania 5% reduced VAT rate on e-books 2022

e-publications allowed same VAT rate as paper-versions

Romania is to reduce the Value Added Tax rate on e-books from 1 January 2022. This will include audio books, blogs, electronic newspaper and journals.

The follows a 2018 agreement between member states to allow the harmonisation of VAT rates on e-books to the reduced or nil VAT rates enjoyed by their physical equivalent. There were many challenges to the VAT Directive Annex II which prohibited reduced rates on any goods or services not listed.

Since this time, most other EU states have reduced VAT rates on e-books. The UK and Norway, both non-EU members, have also cut their VAT rates on electronic books.

The Romanian standard VAT rate is 19%. You can verify any global VAT and GST rates via our global rate pages.


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