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Romania VAT hikes VAT on range of supplies 2024

Ministry of Finance recategorises range of supplies VAT rate

The ruling Romanian coalition government has presented a range of fiscal reforms to Parliament. This includes raising VAT rates on a range of supplies.

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The following will be reclassified from the 5% reduced rate to the 9% reduced rate:

  • social housing;
  • high-quality food delivery; and
  • solar panels.

The standard VAT rate of 19% would be applied to:

  • beer without alcohol; and
  • sugary foods with a sugar content of at least 10g/100g.

In 1 January 2023, a range of taxable supplies are recategorised between VAT rates. This includes overnight hotel accommodation and similar which move from 5% to 9% rates. The same for catering services, which includes restaurants, cafes and hospitality services.


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