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Singapore group GST update

Extended options for connected businesses to join GST group simplification

The city state of Singapore has updated the requirements for Goods and Services Tax (GST) groups, the arrangement to allow connected businesses to become a single VAT entity and save on cash flow and compliance requirements. It is on offer to Singapore-resident businesses only, and all members share VAT liabilities.

GST group requirements.

The following requirements are made when applying to the Singapore Comptroller for GST group status of two or more businesses that wish to form a group:

  • Registration threshold of SGD 1 million for each member;
  • Each member is already GST registered;
  • Resident in Singapore (but with exceptions);
  • Listed or quoted on an public exchange (or its parent or subsidiaries are); and
  • One member, or an excluded company, must control all of the other members

The group members must nominate a representative in their application that will be responsible for consolidating GST data and submitting returns. A group GST number is then shared by all members and their existing GST numbers are withdrawn.

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