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Swiss QR Bill completes rollout

Swiss QR Bill (Rechnung) replaces payment slips and invoice stamps

Quick Response Code Bill now means payment slips and stamps may no longer be used from 1 October 2022. The QR Rechnung is a standard adopted for payment slips and invoices. They are produced by accounting or similar applications plus a number of authorised free generators.

This was a phased introduction since 30 June 2020.


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What is a QR Rechnung?

The QR-bill consists of a payment part and a receipt. The information required for the payment can be read with the naked eye in the payment part and is also encoded in the Swiss QR code. The receipt contains the most important information from the payment part and must be placed to the left of the Swiss QR code – regardless of whether it is integrated into an invoice or enclosed with the payment part of a QR-bill.

QR Codes are becoming popular around the world to help data capture and integrity for invoices and reporting.

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