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Uzbekistan confirms VAT rate cut to 12% January 2023

President confirms second VAT rate cut in four years

The President of the Central Asian state of Uzbekistan has reconfirmed a reduction of Value Added Tax from 15% to 12% next year.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan announced the reduction last year that the standard Value Added Tax rate would be reduced to 12% from 1 January 2023. The current VAT rate in Uzbekistan is 15%. There is also a plan for a reduced 14% VAT rate this year for certain supplies.

There are no reduced VAT rates in Uzbekistan. Zero-rating applies to exports and international transport. The usual ranges of supplies are exempted: financial services; passenger transport (excluding taxi); medical; others.

Uzbekistan last cut its main VAT rate on 1 October 2019, reducing it down from 20% to 15%.

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