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Canada British Columbia marketplace facilitator PST obligations goods & services – Jul 2022

2022 Budget extends online facilitating platforms’ liabilities to 7% Provincial Sales Tax for goods and traditional services from 1 July 2022

Provisional highlights for this week’s British Columbian 2022 Budget indicate that deemed supplier marketplaces will become responsible for levying the 7% PST.

Since April 2021 British Columbia levied PST on digital services. But this now extends that to:

  • goods
  • traditional services
  • house shares
  • advertising services
  • Fulfilment services
  • Storage services

The federal Goods & Services Tax on e-services has been in place since July 2022. This makes digital services liable to 12% tax in total. The budget further notes that British Columbia is currently working to expand collection obligations to the sales of goods shipped from outside Canada to consumers in the province.

British Columbia is following Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec with this extension of marketplace liabilities.



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