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Artificial Intelligence VAT Advisor

Watch AI produce VAT advice on complex, cross-border transactions

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Generative Artificial Intelligence produces draft VAT advice with legal citations and tax cases in seconds, powered by our global tax engine

You can now use our VAT Advisor product, based on our global tax engine, to produce tax advice to review, edit and share with colleagues, customers and counterparties. This helps ensure you can all agree on the correct transaction tax treatment, including:

  • Which country to tax a transaction in
  • Correct rates or exemptions
  • Which party to collect and report any VAT
  • Support with legislative back-up and any relevant tax cases
  • Any invoice mentioning to ensure the tax authorities are satisfied

In addition to VAT advice, you can also watch how we are using AI for VAT item classification, which helps determine which country, rate and returns are triggered in a cross-border transaction.

Read more about tax authorities AI adoption.

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