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B2C goods VAT calculations, invoicing and return reporting in VAT Advisor

Watch VAT Advisor deliver instant B2C distance sales calculations, marketplace deemed seller and VAT return reporting

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Selling B2C goods across EU or other borders raises many VAT & GST challenges

  • Who holds the tax liabilities?
  • If a marketplace is involved, deemed supplier?
  • How much VAT is due and where?
  • Should you be VAT registered in different countries?
  • What legislative articles should be relied on?
  • What detail to include in compliant VAT invoices?
  • Which boxes and countries to report transactions in VAT returns, including OSS and IOSS?


VAT Advisor provides instant answers on B2C goods or services cross-border transactions, including VAT obligations for any marketplace


It is a simple-to-use but hugely powerful online tool that allows you to input some basic transaction details – goods, values, shipping, transaction type,  etc – to produce a clear VAT liability position for the seller and buyer. Outputs include:

  • Legal citations (national tax laws & EU VAT Directive);
  • VAT rate and tax calculations;
  • Does marketplace deemed supplier apply and how to charge and invoice;
  • Required VAT numbers in each country;
  • Downloadable fully compliant PDF VAT invoice; and
  • Which boxes to fill on local or OSS/IOSS  VAT returns.

Since VAT Advisor is on the same single platform as our VAT Filer product,  you can ‘commit’ any transaction to be included in the right countries’ next VAT returns, including OSS and IOSS.  No further integrations required!

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