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VAT Advisor videos

Watch how VAT Advisor can instantly deliver complete VAT obligations, draft VAT invoices and return reporting requirements for the most complex of cross-border transactions in over 130 jurisdictions.  VAT Auditor is built on the same single application as our tax engine, VAT Calculator and returns product, VAT Filer.

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Intro to VAT Advisor

Introduction to calculate VAT or GST obligations, invoicing and reporting obligations for any complex cross-border transaction. Covers all business models, B2B, B2C with over 130 countries

B2B Chain transactions

Cross-border successive supplies of goods between 3 parties where a single intra-Community shipment occurs from the supplier directly to the customer. How to allocate the transport and ensure the right zero-rating, invoicing and VAT return reporting. Read more about chain transactions and VAT Advisor.

EU VAT Triangulation

Simplification of VAT registrations for B2B goods transactions via EU Triangulation. Adding a ‘middleman’ or ‘intermediary’ in a 3rd country to avoid the need for extra VAT numbers and reporting. Read more about VAT triangulation with VAT Advisor

Transactions to VAT returns to e-invoices

See how you can add transactions, ensure the VAT is fully determined and invoiced, and then send to your next VAT return within the single VAT Advisor app. You can also produce e-invoices (PEPPOL and local country standards.  Read more about VAT returns and e-invoicing from VAT Advisor.

B2C goods distance selling

International B2C goods selling with marketplace deemed supplier treatment. Including EU e-commerce package OSS and IOSS. New rules in the UK, Australia, New Zealand and more. Getting the VAT calculations and reporting right. Read more about B2C goods in VAT Advisor.

Import VAT, Postponed VAT Accounting and returns

Watch how to treat import VAT on B2B cross-border sales, including if using deferred or postponed VAT accounting in any country. And how to report and deduct any import VAT in the destination country. Read more on VAT Advisor and import VAT.

Digital services for B2C and B2B

Selling digital or electronic services B2C or B2B, see what VAT registration and calculation requirements. Read more on VAT Advisor and digital services


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