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VAT returns and e-invoicing via VAT Advisor

Watch VAT Advisor deliver a transaction to a VAT return & e-invoice

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VAT Advisor – transactions journey from calculation to returns to e-invoicing

The core feature we’re most proud of at VATCalc is the ability to fully determine or validate VAT on the most complex transactions, and then commit to a ready-to-submit return or e-invoice within our single application.

This video shows how to add a transaction through VAT Advisor – but you can also bulk upload or automatically populate via our API from your ERP, billing or e-commerce platform. Next, review and edit the transaction within the draft return or e-invoice format.

VATCalc is the only such single full determination & reporting application, guaranteeing:

  • Full audit trail
  • No multiple applications from different vendors with interoperability hurdles and support requirements from your ERP team or vendors
  • No multiple, expensive integrations with the challenges of keeping date reconciled
  • Returns or e-invoicing data seamlessly fully validated through our VAT rules based on all local legislation, as well as the EU VAT Directive if appropriate. So disputes with suppliers, vendors or even the tax authorities are kept to a minimum

Watch an introductory video to using VAT Advisor.

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