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A simpler and faster VAT reporting migration

Facing an unwelcome migration of your VAT reporting software?  VATCalc is the 8-week implementation alternative

2024 has become a pivotal year for many established users of VAT compliance software. Many are being forced into a migration from their on-premise software to more limited and expensive cloud software. This has been seen by most as a unmissable opportunity to look at what more modern, lowest cost and better options might be available in the market.

The challenge is that most feel that they are under immense time pressure imposed by their existing vendor’s project deadlines and they don’t feel like they have the time to make a change.

VATCalc – fast implementation with major costs savings

In the past, this would have been true. However, at VATCalc we are excited to offer companies who have this dilemma a realistic alternative to an unwanted migration.

We have worked hard to build specific capabilities to help customers rapidly transition and are prepared to do much of what would have been traditionally expensive project work pre-sale to prove it can work and allow our prospective customers to test well in advance of their deadlines and before they make a final decision. This leaves only a small amount of project work for post-sales, which significantly lowers the cost and changes the model from an old fashioned implementation project to a modern go-live process.

8 Weeks to implement VAT Filer

Here is an example of what this might work in eight weeks or less:

If you are one of the companies in this situation and would like to know how this could work for you now then please email us for more insight.

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