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VAT Auditor – live batch VAT invoice validation against global tax laws

Batch VAT invoice validated against global VAT laws

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Worried about the VAT calculations on your sales and purchase invoices?

  • Lack of confidence in the VAT being paid on invoices or declared in VAT returns?
  • No mega-budget or bandwidth from the finance, ERP or IT teams for a full tax engine implementation?

Our no-integration VAT Auditor may be for you.

Instant identification of errors, missing date or inconstancies that can trigger costly audits

VAT Auditor is an disputing product to help businesses address these issues. It enabling to instantly validate the VAT on their business transactions so that they can correct master data and systems issues as they take their first steps on the digital tax journey. 

VAT Auditor can be used on screen, with manual transaction uploads, without the need for any costly implementation. Or fully integrated into your ERP, billing, e-invoice or similar applications. It is built on the same tax engine as our full determination product, VAT Calculator.

Version 1 of VAT Advisor was the first VAT system designed to analyse the accuracy of the VAT on a sales or purchase transaction by re-determining the VAT with VATCalc legislation-based tax determination service and comparing the result to the VAT originally applied. This is the gold standard of validation using the power of most accurate VAT determination service available, but it requires customers to have access to the transaction attributes needed to make a good re-determination.  

Introducing VAT Auditor Version 2  

  1. Powerful features to enable customer with limited data sets to perform powerful validations: 
    • Customers can use tax codes as the basis for the transaction validation
    • Suite of logical exception checks to validate that the conditions were correct for the type of VAT applied  
    • Any transaction data attributes that the customer can provide in addition to the tax codes will enable further checking that the correct tax code was used 
  2. VAT Auditor now has a set of RESTful APIs so that it can be used programmatically as well as by uploading files to the user interface: 
    • Create an audit with a JSON or an Excel file (single transaction or batches) 
    • Poll the audit service to find out whether an audit is complete 
    • List of last 100 audits 
    • Retrieve audit results 

If you want to learn more from me, or the rest of the VATCalc team, on how VAT Auditor can nail your VAT invoice errors, contact us for a friendly chat. 


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