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VATCalc in SAP Cockpit – the pain and cost of tax engines ends here

‘VAT Calc in SAP Cockpit’ means lengthy and expensive tax engine integrations with ongoing large-team support are history – for enterprise and mid-market companies.

If you a SAP user with a VAT or GST headache, ask yourself this:

  • Are you an enterprise business, frustrated by the expensive and volume of resources demanded to implement and support your SAP tax engines? 
  • Or are you a mid-market business that has been perturbed by the costs of traditional tax engine vendors?

If either answer is ‘yes’, then we have the solution. VATCalc’s live, non-invasive integration dodges the need to override SAP codes, and therefore the cost of complex engine adoptions and ongoing maintenance. That means fast, secure and inexpensive tax engine deployments for all businesses. With global plans for live transaction reporting for all, that’s great news.

And, if that wasn’t enough, VAT Calc already comes with all businesses cases covered since it is built on national VAT laws, EU VAT Directive and OECD guidelines.

Invasive, traditional tax engines clash with VAT – escalates costs

Businesses of all sizes are being driven to global VAT and GST calculation automation with increased cross-border complexity and live, e-invoice reporting. But the established tax engine deployments with SAP and similar EPRs are expensive, requiring major ongoing support from ERP teams and outside implementers. 

This is largely because of their code-invasive approach, including function runs to interrupt the sequence access tables in SAP to determine the tax code and overwrite it. This intrusive approach to overriding code puts businesses on a collision course with SAP which regularly updates its core source code. The result is a requirement by you for large support functions to update and maintain the engine code.

At VAT Calc, we’ve put an end to such painful SAP tax engine deployments via our ‘VAT Calc in SAP Cockpit‘ approach. 

VAT Calc in SAP Cockpit Rapid, non-invasive SAP integration

Rather than perform a problematic SAP tax code override, VAT Calc extracts, audits and returns proposed tax code edits to invoices within your SAP Cockpit.  As the diagram below illustrates, VAT Calc presents to your teams potential incorrect tax codes, proposed adjustments and document replacements. Whether for SAP ECC or S4/HANA, including multiple instances, this means live determination within your SAP environment without major investment.

Our SAP tax engine approach:

  1. SAP continues to perform tax code determination in Sequence Access Tables
  2. VAT Calc extracts AP or AP invoices in live or batch format. It performs a real-time audit of the transactions, and returns a proposed new SAP tax code if required. This covers automatic and manual generated transactions.
  3. Within your SAP Cockpit, these proposed amendments are presented on screen to review
  4. Corrections or cancellations may be created and approved by the AP clerk or anyone in the tax and finance teams with full auditabilty
  5. Finally, this is then returned to SAP FI (SAP Financial Accounting)

Job done!  Full control, transparency and audit trial of your VAT determination without the huge investment or need for large support staff and reliance on ERP teams.

To learn more, included a demo and price savings, please contact us at VAT Calc and join the tax engine revolution.


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