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Portugal introduces import VAT postponed accounting

Portugal is to enable importers to avoid the cash payment of import VAT by introducing deferred VAT from 1 March 2018. Traders will be able to report the import through their Portuguese VAT return and reclaim relief at the same time – thus removing the need for any payment. This is known as the reverse charge.

Currently, importers have to either pay VAT on clearing the goods into free circulation, or provide a bank guarantee to the tax office for up to 100% of the import VAT.  This leaves Portugal at a competitive disadvantage for its import and freight trade since many other EU states no longer require this.

The new Portuguese postponed accounting procedure will require businesses to file VAT returns on a monthly basis. They must also have a clean recent VAT compliance history.

You can check the right VAT calculations on individual or batch transactions with our Advisor and Auditor services.

EU Postponed VAT Accounting

wdt_ID Country VAT & Customs deferrment account Postponed VAT Accounting
1 Austria Yes Yes
2 Belgium Yes
3 Bulgaria Yes Yes
4 Croatia Yes Yes
5 Cyprus Yes
6 Czech Republic Yes Yes
7 Denmark Yes Yes
8 Estonia Yes Yes
9 Finland Yes
10 France Yes Yes


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