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Portugal delays July to Oct VAT returns

Portugal has further delayed monthly and quarterly VAT returns in recognition of the COVID-19 health and economic crisis. The changes to returns’ filing deadlines covering transactions in July to October 2021 are as follows:

  • July return – due 25th September (instead of 20th)
  • August return – due 25th Oct (instead of 20th)
  • September return – due 25th November (instead of 20th)
  • October return – due 25th December (instead of 20th)


  • Quarter 3 return – due 25th November (instead of 20th)

Preparing Portuguese or other European and global VAT or GST returns is time-consuming, fraught with tax liabilities risks and costs.  VAT Calc’s single platform VAT Filer can accurately complete any country filings with verified transactional data from our VAT Calculator or VAT Auditor integrated tools.


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