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Slovak Republic bad debt relief for VAT

The Slovak Republic has introduced VAT relief for sales invoices which have gone bad from 1 January 2021. Previously, this was unavailable to resident or non-residents with a VAT registration.

The recoverability for VAT paid to the tax authorities only applies on debts no more than three years old. A correction should be made via a credit note which should be sent to the customer to adjust their VAT deductible.

To qualify for recoverable sales VAT, any of the following conditions should apply:

  • Any debts not exceeding €300 including VAT which are over twelve months old
  • Customer is ceased trading (or passed away in the case of individuals)
  • Customer is in debt relief proceedings
  • No repayment following enforcement proceedings issued at least twelve months ago

The supplier and customer must have not material connection (ownership or control) for the above conditions to apply.

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