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Slovakia VAT registration threshold increase

Rise in VAT registration threshold to €50,000 from 1 July 2024

The Slovakian Ministry of Finance has proposed a range of VAT changes, including an increase in the VAT registration threshold. Check all European VAT registration thresholds in our live tracker.

The Bill is now out to public consultation, and will go to Parliament for approval.

The annual VAT registration threshold for resident businesses will rise from €49,750 to €50,000. This applies only to resident business. Most non-resident businesses will have to register if required from the first taxable supply.

Slovakia is also implementing the new EU small enterprise VAT threshold rules from January 2025. Slovakia will retain its proposed €50,000 threshold for this change – the new EU maximum will be €85,000.

On 1 January 2025, along with all EU member states, Slovakia is applying the Place of supply rules change for online live conferences, training, concerts


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