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Slovakia VAT rise to 22% proposal

Ministry of Finance proposes 2% VAT rise

The Slovakian Ministry of Finance has proposed a 2% rise in the standard Value Added Tax rate. This would increase the rate from 20% to 22%.

In its proposals, the Ministry highlights that Slovakia’s 20% VAT rate is below the EU average of 21.5%, and lower than surrounding EU member states:

  • Hungary HU- 27%,
  • Poland -23%,
  • Czechia – 21%

At this point, the proposals does not yet have the consent of the newly elected parliament and should be considered later this year. Talks to form a coalition government are still underway. This means, if accepted, they would not be implemented until sometime in 2024.

The measure is part of a range of many tax changes to stabilise the country’s deficit.  Other VAT measures include:

  1. Withdrawal of reduced VAT on:
    • accommodation;
    • print publications;
    • foods;
    • entrance to sport events; (Slovakia cut VAT on many of these services to 10% earlier this year)
  2. Removal on VAT exemption for:
    • natural gas
    • electricity

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