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Slovakia aims to cut restaurant VAT

Most Central EU states now offer reduced VAT on cafes, restaurants and catering

As part of its ‘Tax Revolution’ set of reforms announced earlier this month, the Slovakian government is aiming to reduce the Value Added Tax rate on rest and catering services. The Ministry of Finance is aiming to reduce the rate from the standard 20% to the reduced rate of 10%.

Most Central European EU states have operated reduced rates for cafes, restaurants and catering for many years. Examples include:

  • Romania – 5%
  • Bulgaria – 9%
  • Hungary – 5%
  • Poland 8%
  • Slovenia – 9.5%

The EU freedoms on reduced VAT rates proposal is set to be published in the next month. For more on this, and regular free updates register for our global VAT and GST news.

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