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Brazil taxes on digital services

There are currently no Brazilian consumption taxes on non-resident provided digital or electronic services. The Brazilian indirect tax system is highly complex, and overlapping, with many conflicted state, federal and municipal taxes.

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Attempts to impose taxes on digital services

ICMS Agreement 106 of 2017, digital services (media; software; games; apps; data etc)sought to allow the taxation of B2C transactions in the state of the consumer. In March 2021, the Brazilian Supreme Court blocked an attempt to levy digital ICMS (Imposto sobre a Circulação de Mercadorias e Prestação de Serviços de Transporte on digital services – including exchange of licensing and download of software.

Another proposal for levying ISS on video and music services by municipalities. But this is still pending partially to avoid double taxation through ICMS.

There are no IPI or PIS on digital services.

Introduction of VAT in Brazil

Brazil VAT implementation plans are split in two at the moment, with likely progress soon on a plan to consolidate its many taxes into a single VAT regime. Although an attempt to form a Federal VAT plan in June failed to merge PIS and COVINS taxes.

Brazilian Digital Services Tax proposals

There are currently five proposal with the Chamber of Deputies and Senate introduced between August 2020 and March 2021. These are all closer to global Digital Services Taxes, a new class of tax on the turnover of digital service providers. Most of them include COFINS and similar Brazilian taxes on:

  • Digital platform advertising
  • Selling commissions on goods or services sold on electronic platforms
  • Sales of data
  • Software sales
  • Betting
  • Apps
  • Streaming

B2B withholding taxes

Whilst not direct taxes are in place in digital services provided by non-residents, payment may be subject to withholding tax (IRRF). This could also include PIS/COFINS

Central and South America VAT on digital services

Comments (click for details) Rate Date Threshold Comments
Argentina 21% Apr 2018
Aruba 4% Jan 2023 -
Bahamas 10% Jan 2015 BSD 100,000
Barbados 17.5% Dec 2019 BBD 200,000
Bolivia 13% Nov 2022 -
Brazil n/a n/a n/a Various proposals
Chile 19% Jun 2020 Nil
Colombia 19% Jan-18 Nil
Costa Rica 13% Oct 2020 Nil Withholding VAT option
Dominican Republic 18% 2023 Nil Currently withholding VAT
Ecuador 12% Sep 2020
El Salvador 13% 2022 - Replace Withholding VAT
Guatemala 12% TBC
Honduras 15% 2022 HNL 250,000
Panama 10% 2022 Withholding VAT
Paraguay 10% Jan-21 Nil Withholding VAT; 4.5% DST
Peru 18% 2022 Nil Withholding VAT
Puerto Rico 10.5% Jan 2020 $100,000; or 200 transactions Marketplaces
Suriname 10% Jan 2023 SRD 500,000
Uruguay 22% Jan 2018 Nil VAT and Withholding Tax



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