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Colombia CUFE VAT e-invoicing update

Update – delays on imposition of fiscal cash registers

Colombia’s National Directorate of Taxes and Customs, DIAN, has issued revised schedule for the imposition of fiscal cash registers. This includes a three-month delay in the rollout of cash registers which automatically electronically report sales to DIAN.  This follows the 2020 introduction of mandatory e-invoicing.

This new dates are:

  • May 2024 – large taxpayers
  • Jun 2024 – other taxpayers
  • Aug 2024 – passenger transport
  • Sep 2024 – gaming
  • Nov 2024 – pubic entertainment

May 2022 Tax authorities impose e-invoicing on marketplaces

Columbia’s Ministry of Finance and Public Credit has issued a number of modifications to the CUFE e-invoice rules. This includes an obligation for digital platforms to offers an e-invoicing facility to charge their own customers. It also added clarifications to the definition of “electronic equivalent documents” and the dates for invoices where an e-invoice is not obligatory.

2020 introduction of e-invoicing by DIAN

DIAN, first introduced e-invoicing in 2005. In November 2019 it then adopted for full pre-clearance model in along the lines of Brazil and Chile. However, due to legal issues, the new regime did not come into effect until November 2020 for all taxpayers.

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How to generate a Columbian e-invoice

  • The supplier creates a draft e-invoice in their accounting or ERP system
  • This is transmitted in XML-format via DIAN’s webservice with the CUFE signature. The invoice must include the DIAN authorisation number and its expiry date.
  • DIAN undertakes basic validation and certification of the invoice
  • This is sent to the customer to review and accept / reject
  • The supplier is returned an XML and PDF of the accepted invoice (or reject note)

A QR Code invoice is provided on an invoice for customers who cannot receive the invoice in electronic format.

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