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Paraguay e-invoice Marangatú SIFEN 2024 update

SIFEN e-invoicing small company mandate April to Aug 2024

Paraguay has confirmed 1 April 2024 as the start for small businesses to adopt the SIFEN National Integrated Electronic Invoicing System – based on its e-Kuatia platform for small businesses. The tax authorities have named over 1,000 taxpayers affected by this latest wave, which is phased in between April and June to obtain the necessary password for eKuatia. They then start issuing e-invoicing between June and August 2024.

Jan 2024: updated the original regulations

The latest Decree 872/2023 was issued December 2023 and came into effect from 1 January 2024. Key additions include:

  • Requirement to note customer on e-invoice (B2C threshold PYG 35 m);
  • New range of electronic sales receipts;
  • Export sales requirements; and
  • Revised definitions for transactions.

Paraguay electronic invoicing fully mandatory Jan 2025 for new taxpayers

The Paraguayan tax administration (SET) started the roll out in 2023 of  the roll out of sales and purchase e-invoice registration obligations – SIFEN National Integrated Electronic Invoicing System – based on its e-Kuatia platform. The updated regime is termed Marangatú, a pre-clearance e-invoice system.

The last tranche, new taxpayers, are expected to have adopted SIFEN by 1 January 2025.

e-Kuatia enables certified taxpayers to register their sales and self-billing invoices. This includes credit and debit notes, plus bills of lading. The data is then stored with SET. The system has been in place since August 2019 during pilot and voluntary use phases.

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Issuing e-invoices

  • To become certified and start issuing e-invoices, the following steps should be followed
  • Obtain an e-signature from an state-approved provider
  • Implement adequate electronic invoicing (eFactura) protocols around creating, issuing, receipt and storage of XML invoices
  • Apply for recording and certification of invoices via Marangatú to SET for clearance and acceptance as a legal VAT invoice
  • The customer must download the invoices and acknowledge acceptance or rational for rejection of the invoices
  • B2C invoices should be e-filed through a different filing system

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