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El Salvador e-invoicing proposal – Electronic Tax Documents (DTE)

Legislature approves mandatory e-invoicing following pilot – but no launch date yet

El Salvador’s Parliament has agreed to mandatory electronic invoicing (Electronic Tax Documents (DTE)). This covers: invoices; delivery notes; debit and credit notes; delivery notes; settlement receipts; withholding receipts; and tax credit receipts.

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General Directorate of Internal Taxes DGII with the Treasury Department (Ministerio de Hacienda) launched an e-invoicing pilot in 2019 for around 50 large taxpayers. This has been underway since with delays in completion due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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El Salvador is copying the Chile e-invoice model, with pre-clearance by the tax authorities of invoices and future plans to introduce pre-filled VAT returns. All taxpayers must obtain a digital signatures. Draft invoices are delivered by JSON format. Taxpayers have two methods for submitting documents for an electronic signature:

  1. DTE invoicing, direct reporting to the tax administration; or
  2. DTE agent, submitting via a certified service provider

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