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Germany delays plastic tax till 2025

1-year delay for single-use plastics levy

The annual levy on the use of single-use plastics in Germany is being delaye by one year to 1 January 2025. Germany’s EWKFondG is based on the EU’s Single-Use Plastics Directive

The Germany levy is charged on the use of certain named plastic products form the Directive, including:

  • Food containers
  • Cups and drink holders
  • Wet wipes
  • Bags
  • Balloons

Businesses will have to report annually on the use of the above, calculate taxes due, and report the following year. the planned charges range from €0.06 per kilogram of wet wipes, €24.50 per kilogram of a single-use beverage cups containing plastics to €8,945 per kilogram for filters for cigarettes and other tobacco products.

With the enactment of the EWKFondsG, Germany joins other European countries that have introduced a similar tax


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