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VAT electronic cash registers

Live retail reporting of VAT transactions to cut fraud

In an effort to close the VAT Gap of missing tax revenues many European countries have introduced VAT e-registers in traditional retail and online e-commerce. These provide real-time or batch automated reports to the tax authorities of sales from certified retail point-of-sale machines.

To encourage full inclusion of retail transactions, many countries provide VAT receipt lotteries where shoppers can potentially win prizes based on the unique invoice numbers on their register-issued receipts.

Such cash registers aim to add to the tax authorities’ transactional-level data capture, part of the drive towards the Death of the VAT return. VAT Calc’s tax engine, VAT Calculator, is built on all the local laws, so can provide real-time VAT calculations for point-of-sale and similar reporting requirements.

European VAT electronic cash registers

Country (click for details) Implementation
Albania 2019
Austria 2016
Belgium 2014
Bulgaria 2020
Croatia 2013
Czech 2019 (suspended)
France 2018
Germany 2020
Greece 2020
Hungary 2014
Italy 2017
Lithuania 2001
Montenegro 2019
Poland 2018
Portugal 2008
Romania 2017
Russia 2017
Serbia 2022
Slovakia 2019
Slovenia 2016
Sweden 2014
Turkey 2012
Ukarine 2013


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