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VAT Filer: VAT & GST audited returns application

First global returns preparation and filing application with full tax legislation audit

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VAT Filer offers a fully automated platform for easy-to-complete international VAT & GST returns and supplementary filings

Uniquely, VAT Filer is built on the same application as our tax engine and VAT Auditor, ensuring reported transactions are first fully audited against national tax laws. So, for the first time, rather than just accepting any quality of data from your EPR, billing system etc. for submitting to the tax authorities, you can now undertake deep interrogation of the VAT calculations on each transaction. Thus avoiding declaring incorrect taxes with all the associated risks.

  • Simple ingest: Your transaction data can be submitted via Excel upload on web screen interface, or programmatically by calling our API. And the one-time mapping to files and tax codes takes just a few hours.
  • Instant full audit: You can then review and process any of our suggested audit adjustment, supported by local legal citations. This ensures accurate and defensible returns – minimising the chances of audits or fines. Plus, a reduction in hundreds of hours in manual reconciliation efforts or the need for multiple, costly integrations and outside support.
  • Review returns with drill down functionality: Once audited, you can review the transactions in draft VAT returns, clicking through to see transactions that make-up each box total, as well as tracing which other boxes are affected.
  • e-File returns: Lastly, you can download the return as an XML for reporting, or directly e-file from VAT Filer where the tax authorities enable us to.
  • Other submissions covered: VAT Filer also prepares supplementary submissions, such as EC Sales Listings, Intrastat, Control Statements and SAF-T.

E-invoicing fully reconciled

And if you have real-time electronic invoicing obligations, then these are perfectly reconciled to your returns.  VAT Filer is built on the same application as our VAT e-invoicing product, which audits, submits or receives the same transactions.

If you want to learn more from on how VAT Filer can significantly reduce your VAT risks and costs, contact us for a friendly chat. 

5 reasons to switch to VAT Filer

The world's only single application for VAT determination AND returns
1. Low cost No professional services implementation fees with self-help mapping, which equals fast onboarding; cheaper return-based pricing.
2. Full legislative audit of returns Only solution based on tax legislation so full validation of all transactions against national tax laws giving error reports including legal references. VAT Filer is the most accurate solution in market.
3. Fast growing global coverage 50 countries Q1-2; 70 Q3 2024. Specific countries can be added / accelerated on-demand within weeks. Includes EC Sales Listings, Intrastat, Control Statements & SAF-T
4. E-invoicing ready Transactions can be generated or received as e-invoices or live digital reporting. So e-invoices and VAT returns fully reconciled.
5. Global Tax Engine option Within same application, 130 countries full invoice VAT calculation, draft invoice prep with invoicing legal mentioning for ERP’s, marketplaces or billing systems. Just one easy implementation for fully reconciled VAT determination + returns.


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