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VATCalc named the top global tax tech ‘Challenger’

e-Bright singles out VATCalc as number one Challenger in global tax tech community

In its new global tax tech league tables, e-Bright, the tax education company, has named VATCalc top of its “Challengers” category. Contact us for a free demo.

This is based on VATCalc’s 3 unique disruptors:

  1. Single application for global VAT/GST calculations (tax engine) and reporting (returns, other submissions and e-invoicing). Meaning completely reconciled data with just one simple implementation from a single provider.
  2. Local tax legislation full determination – reducing errors and likely audits. VATCalc’s app therefore works out-of-the-box for any business model (B2B; B2C; complex supply chains; goods or services; digital; and more) thus avoiding hugely expensive implementations and ongoing support.
  3. Cloud, API-first tech so you can easily embed individual functionality (calculations or reporting) or all the appliction into your own ERP, billing, marketplace or similar systems. This includes white labelling.

VATCalc 5 products on single app

Product (click for more)
1. VAT Advisor An onscreen single transaction product that lets you model the most complex transactions. This delivers instantly: accurate VAT calculations; who pays in which county; pro-forma VAT invoice; tax code; and the VAT registration obligations you need to help you set the rules for your own ERP or tax engine determination.
2. VAT Auditor A powerful SaaS tool that allows companies to easily upload transaction sets – purchase and sales invoices – and have them automatically reviewed for data availability and data accuracy. It works on-screen or via API by running a full legislation-based tax determination against each transaction and comparing the results it calculates with the results in the original data. Auditor is particular useful where there is no budget or IT support for a major tax engine implementation.
3. VAT Calculator A global tax engine that can be fully integrated into your EPR, billing, ecommerce platform to perform live calculations. VAT Calculator is the only tax engine powered by logic that exactly codifies international VAT legislation to your transactions. Using modern RESTful APIs, businesses can connect VAT Calculator to any system, such as an ERP or e-commerce system, and in real-time get the correct VAT treatment and/or tax code applied to their business transactions.
4. VAT Filer Global VAT / GST returns, SAF-T, ESL, control statements and more fully audited against local tax legislation via Auditor or Calculator transaction ingest. Thus reducing likely audits, and ensuring the correct deductions with tax cash savings.
5. VAT e-invoicing Tax-audited live e-invoice creation & submission to global tax authorities. Built on same application as our VAT Filer, ensuring sales & purchase e-invoices are fully reconciled to your VAT returns to avoid tax audits and fines.

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