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Poland zero-rating VAT energy blocked by EU

Anti-inflation shield VAT cuts fall foul of EU VAT Directive rules

The EU’s European Commission has blocked VAT zero-rating of natural gas, fuels and fertilers by Poland as part of its ‘Anti-Inflationary Shield’.  However, it has agreed to zero-rating of basic foods.

Under EU VAT Directive rules, energy must be subject to at least 5% VAT. This comes despite agreement this year on extended EU VAT rate setting freedoms.

Polish inflation hit 17.9% in October, up from 17.2 in September. This is largely being driven by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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In response to the EC decision that the application of reduced VAT rates was unacceptable, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki declared that the anti-inflation shield would remain, but in a changed form.

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