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Why you don’t need to bet on SAP S/4HANA migration for the ‘luxury’ of a tax engine

Low-cost VAT determination no longer needs a big ERP upgrade or expensive tax engine

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Does your business have a major global footprint –with complex cross-border transactions and supply chains?
  • Is this crushing your ERP and resulting in hundreds of hours of manual VAT or GST corrections and disputes with suppliers and customers to get your tax calculations and reporting right?
  • Are you nervous about the wave of live reporting and e-invoicing sweeping Europe and beyond?
  • Have you struggled to get a tax engine big-budget and IT team buy-in to remedy these issues?
  • Are you pinning your hopes on a SAP S/4HANA migration (2027 deadline), including salvation with the new SAP Time Dependent Tax (TDT) functionality  to create and maintain VAT tax code changes yourself? Spoiler alert: it won’t:
  • It will only work on a single SAP instance; and
  • SAP TDT functionality for creating and supporting tax codes does not include maintenance of ever changing content – local legislation and EU VAT Directive
  • Or are you hoping that you’ll get approval under the cover of the business reorganisation of a major ERP upgrade for a tax engine license implementation plus pricey support budget?

If the answer is ‘yes’ to all these, then think again.

How VAT Calc has broken the tax engine roadblock

Through VAT Calc’s technology innovations, including no invasive or expensive implementation via VATCalc in SAP Cockpit,  you can solve your current and future tax headaches now:

  •       You won’t have to plead from a major investment from your CFO;
  •       Campaign for extensive resources from ERP or IT teams; or
  •       Or have to  cross your fingers that SAP S/4HANA upgrade or any other ERP will come to your rescue.

(Did we mention you’ll be doing your own career and that of your teams no end of good?)

Two tax determination alternatives to the SAP tax engine blocker. Both are unique in the marketplace:

End fear and loathing of VAT / GST calculations

VAT Calc's single-platform tax engine products give you flexibility and budget-freeing options
1 VAT Auditor - no requirement for expensive implementation co-ordinated through IT Instant, large volume transactional VAT validation or calculations for batch data from your ERP, invoice or other platforms. There is no requirement for expensive and drawn out integrations between systems and tax engines; data can be ingested via a REST API or uploaded via multiple formats. In return, you gain immediate verification of transactional-level data, error reports and corrections. On the same platform as our VAT Filer returns reporting product, so once you are happy with the VAT on invoices, they can be fed directly into the right boxes on your next returns.
Learn more about VAT Auditor
2. VAT Calculator - full tax engine service Instant and accurate VAT calculations. Real-time VAT determination on complex cross-border transactions for any platform, fully integrated with our VAT Filer solution. Content is based on the law but custom rules can be set if necessary. On the same platform as our VAT Filer returns reporting product, so once you are happy with the VAT on invoices, they can be fed directly into the right boxes on your next returns
More about VAT Calculator, our tax engine

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VAT Calc helps all businesses because it's built on tax laws

National tax laws, EU VAT Directive or global OECD guidance built-in
All Rates; standard, reduced, zero and exempt
Tax Point - Determination of when the VAT becomes chargeable
Deductibility - Calculation of how much input VAT can be deducted on taxable purchases
VAT groups
B2B Goods Full cross-border determination on movement of goods, including imports, exports and intra-community acquisitions and dispatches
Goods imported into, intended for or supplied whilst in customs procedures or VAT warehousing arrangements
Reverse charges for non-established persons and for risky goods and services
EU Triangulation
Call-off and consignment
Supply of goods with installation
Movement of own goods
Brexit complexity for transactions between NI and the EU and NI and GB
B2C Goods Low value goods thresholds
VAT registration thresholds
EU OSS and IOSS returns
EU and others’ marketplace deemed supplier treatment
EU and non-EU distance selling rules 
Services General rules for B2B and B2C 
Supplies connected with immovable property
Supplies by intermediaries
Use and enjoyment
All other exceptions to general rules
Digital Services EU OSS for digital services
Local country simplified VAT returns
Financial Services Partial exemption rules

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