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India may abandon B2C e-invoicing

Plans to extend India e-invoicing to Business-2-Consumer transactions in doubt

Following the completion in 2021 of the rollout of B2B electronic invoicing for transactions above ₹20 crore (from 1 April 2022), the plan had been to bring in B2C transactions.

Currently, For B2C invoices, a QR Code must be included in any invoice by a supplier with an annual turnover above ₹500 crores (approx: €57m; USD67m) since mid-2021.

Yield on B2C e-invoicing and further threshold reduction doubtful

However, it is being reported that the compliance burden of extending the mandatory e-invoicing obligation to retail would not justify the likely additional revenues yield.  In addition, the new ₹20 crore B2B transaction threshold may not be reduced further.

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