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Kyrgyzstan VAT cash registers roll out

The Central Asia state of Kyrgyzstan is planning a roll out of fiscal cash registers this year. These machines for use by retail taxpayers automatically report all transactions to the tax authorities to help manage VAT revenues and prevent fraud.

The Kyrgyzstani state tax service has already acquired a first round of over 10,000 registers.

The current VAT rate in Kyrgyzstan is 12%.

European VAT electronic cash registers

Country (click for details) Implementation
Albania 2019
Austria 2016
Belgium 2014
Bulgaria 2020
Croatia 2013
Czech 2019 (suspended)
France 2018
Germany 2020
Greece 2020
Hungary 2014
Italy 2017
Lithuania 2001
Montenegro 2019
Poland 2018
Portugal 2008
Romania 2017
Russia 2017
Serbia 2022
Slovakia 2019
Slovenia 2016
Sweden 2014
Turkey 2012
Ukarine 2013


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