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Poland SAF-T JPK_VAT updates

Polish JPK_VAT update: 1 April 2022 JPK_FA new format

The format for submissions of Polish VAT invoices, JPK_FA, has changed from 1 April 2022.  JPK_FA(4) is an electronic  format the tax authorities may request from taxpayers on demand for (for example) an audit. It captures any paper or electronic invoice related to VAT. It is one of the reports which form part of the wider Polish JPK_VAT format (see below), which is a form of Standard Audit File for Tax regime which replaced the traditional VAT return in October 2020 (see below).

1st January 2022 updates

Amendments from the start of 2022 should be noted for JPK V7M/K. These include:

  • Following the 1 July EU e-commerce package, the marker for distance sales has been withdrawn and replaced with a new one, WSTO_EE, to cover intra-community sales of goods and digital services;
  • Also following the e-commerce package, is a new marker, IED, for IOSS and OSS processed B2C sales.
  • The split payments marker, MPP, is withdrawn
  • The TP marker for state-related supplies has been withdrawn.

SAF-T replaced VAT returns 1 October 2020

Since October 2020, Poland became the first country to replace the summary VAT return with monthly / quarterly mandatory SAF-T transaction data submission. In Poland, Standard Audit Files for Tax are known as JPK_V7M/K – Jednolity Plik Kontrolny. The return is generally due by the 25th of the month following the reporting period.

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Implementation of SAF-T in Poland

Poland first introduced the OECD’s standard accounting data schema, SAF-T, in July 2016 for large taxpayers. It has since been rolled out to all taxpayers, including non-residents. It is structured as follows:

  • JPK_KR – Księgi Rachunkowe (account books)
  • JPK_WB – Wyciągi bankowe (bank statements)
  • JPK_MAG – Magazyn (stock warehouse/storage)
  • JPK_VAT – Ewidencje zakupu i sprzedaży VAT (VAT sales and purchase ledgers)
  • JPK_FA – Faktury VAT (VAT invoices)
  • JPK_PKPIR – Podatkowa księga przychodów i rozchodów (Revenue and expense tax books)
  • JPK_EWP – Ewidencja przychodów (Income records)

The JPK_VAT provides the tax authorities with monthly (JPK_V7M) or quarterly (JPK_V7K) details of most VAT invoices processed by a business. Quarterly filers must still complete monthly JPK_VAT filings; but the third-month filing of the quarter will continue a complete 3-month set of transactions.

There is a proposal for Polish e-invoicing to become mandatory from 2023/2. This will follow the Italian SdI e-invoice system, with preclearance of invoices. This Krajowy System e-Faktur – KseF – will go on voluntary trial at the end of 2021.

Reduced VAT rate updates and JPK_VAT

In July 2020, Poland recast the application of its VAT rates against various products to match international commodity code Combined Nomenlature (CN). The new matrix applies a single reduced VAT rate to an entire CN category to make company’s calculations simpler and more readily auditable. This was new CN (also termed GTU’s) was incorporated into the latest JPK_VAT

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Standard Audit File for Tax SAF-T countries

Country (click for details) Date Scope
13 Ukraine Jan 2025 Phased 2025 to 2027 implementation
12 Bulgaria Jan 2025 Phased introduction over two years
11 Denmark Jan 2024 Phased implementation from 2024
10 Romania Jan 2022 Mandatory monthly filings initially large taxpayers (due Jan 2023)
9 EU OSS & IOSS Jul 2021 On-demand for sellers, marketplaces or Intermediaries
8 Norway 2020 Replaced VAT return 2022
7 Angola 2019 On-demand
6 Lithuania 2019 On-demand; residents and non-residents above €30,000 sales threshold
5 Poland 2016 Mandatory, monthly replaced VAT return Oct 2020
4 France 2014 On-demand
3 Luxembourg 2011 On-demand
2 Austria 2009 On-demand
1 Portugal 2009 Monthly for residents and non-residents (Jun 2022)


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