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Kenya pre-filled VAT returns 2024 update

Revenue Authority pre-completed VAT returns mandate delayed to February 2024

Kenya’s Revenue Authority (KRA) has confirmed a 1-month delay on mandate to use pre-filled VAT returns to 1 February 2024.  Draft transaction data from Kenya’s e-invoicing TIMS platform will be used to populate the first version of the return.

January returns, due 20 February, will continue to be self assessed.

”Kenya Revenue Authority wishes to notify the public and all VAT registered taxpayers that in an effort to leverage on technology and improve taxpayers experience, that VAT will be pre-filled with tax information  available to KRA with effect from February 2024 tax period, to simplify  the VAT return filing process for taxpayers,” read the public notice by the taxman.

Pre-completed VAT or GST returns are part of a wider Death of the VAT Return movement, including e-invoicing, SAF-T and other transaction-level reporting.

So far, Angola is one of the few African countries to also offer pre-filled VAT returns.

Pre-filled VAT / GST returns


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