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Niger e-invoicing SECeF

Electronic invoicing for all taxpayers since 2021

The Direction Générale des Impôts requires all taxpayers to use the Le Système électronique certifié de invoicing (SECeF) since 2021.  E-invoicing is administered by the DGI – Direction Générale des Impôts -DGI.

Reporting invoices is done via a certified software app to the DGI via SECeF.

Our international live VAT invoice transaction and e-invoice tracker on real-time transaction-based tax reporting lists all the countries imposing transaction-based reporting.

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VAT determination for your e-invoicing?

VAT Calc’s in real-time global Calculator and Auditor  services produce instant and accurate tax calculations for e-invoices such as Niger or general ERP and VAT filing purposes.

Middle East & Africa e-invoicing


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